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Hi, I’m Rachael aka “Mummy Duck”!

As a self employed mother of two, I want to make sure everything I do in my business drives it forward. I want the time I spend on my business to benefit me both in terms of growing the business in reputation and reach and in terms of profits. And I don’t want to work 7 days a week or sacrifice family time.

All too often I see threads in social media groups with people bemoaning working insane hours for very little profit. Photographers editing long into the night, shooting every weekend and barely making minimum wage. And missing time with family and friends. Wondering if actually they’d be better off getting a ‘regular job’.

Over the last 9 years as my business has grown, so too has my ability to streamline and take control. I no longer work evenings, weekends or school holidays. And I am earning triple what I used to! I love working with other business owners to help them achieve their own goals. Whether they are financial or about work/life balance, I want to help you reach and exceed your goals!

Every business is different so I offer bespoke coaching and mentoring to ensure we cover what you need. This isnt a one size fits all service. This is personal, tailored and honest.





Not everyone loves to write and not everyone is good at it. You don’t want to have to pay someone to write your content. I will help you find your writing style and give you strategies and tools to help you long term.

Brand Identity

Your brand is so much more than a logo! Maybe you feel you don’t yet have one, or that yours is lacking. Together we can make sure your brand is strong and true to you.

Website Review

Your website is your shop window so it has to look beautiful and be user friendly. I can provide you with honest feedback on how to improve your site both in terms of aesthetics but also useability and SEO.

Business Strategy

This can include goal setting, introducing systems to streamline your workflow, product selection, pricing for profit, marketing and so much more. 

Web & Graphic Design

My hand selected web and graphic designers are available to help with logos, business cards, marketing materials and of course websites! Custom or template, all optismised and with the very best hosting.


I can provide a mix of personal branding and product photography for use on your website and social media. If you are too far to travel to me I can put you in touch with photographers across the UK who can help.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon


Let’s CHAT

Say Hello!

If you’d like to find out more please get in touch for a no obligation chat. Let’s work out how I can help you get your ducks in a row!